Best Lobby Directory Signage

Best Digital Lobby Directory Signage

Digital Directories are a fashionable and classy addition to your building, not just for their modern look, but also because they allow you to adjust your screen as needed in a short amount of time. We offer quick, plug-and-play directory sign for any area and budget, starting from below $1700.

Lobby Directory Signage is a valuable technology that helps structural engineers, managers, and employees to detail tenants’ positions actively. It also helps the visitors to navigate, illustrate building directory services, features, infrastructure, and more. 

Our lobby signs have layered animation and selectable touch interaction. Your guests will use a digital directory to quickly navigate even through some of the most complicated floor plans and easily get to their desired location. Tenants can view their businesses as users by clicking on the business pages.

When combined with live messages, climate conditions, media, traffic maps and cameras, event notifications, digital building directory signage will be a breath of fresh air for any lobby. Your renters and their customers will trust and rely on them to connect to useful data about the housing complex and society.

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Lobby Directory Signage

A lobby is the first touch the company has with consumers and clients. It’s crucial to have a practical and informative digital lobby directory sign; It’s your chance to shine in their eyes. 

Digital Directory Express provides a wide variety of custom signage for the lobby, including colorful waterfalls, tracking signage, floor illustrations, digital video packs! Call the Digital Directory Express consultant today to consider the numerous possibilities available for your lobby.

Gallery of Lobby Directories:

Portrait Lobby Directory Stainless Steel Frame
Stainless Steel Frame – Portrait Lobby Directory
Portrait Lobby Directory No Frame
No Frame – Portrait Lobby Directory
Lobby Directory Heegaard
Upright Monument Pedestal Lobby Directory
Blade Pedestal Lobby Directory
Blade™ Pedestal Directory

Commercial Lobby Directories

We build US directories, as well as digital lobby signage and digital receiving services, which are simple to configure and operate. It’s easy to update our lobby directories using our software, and we offer assistance and technical support as well. Interactive touch screen signs and semi-touch configurations are available, along with some extra features of your building directory overview to ensure the most satisfying experience for your guests and customers. There are a variety of applications, from placement in commercial lobbies as well as apartment directory signs.

Health Care Lobby Signs

Digital directory signage overview, digital lobby registry, and monitoring systems are specially custom tailored for the health care industry services. The interactive system is planned to meet all ADA accessibility standards. Assist the guests in making their way through the facility quickly.

Educational Lobby Signs

This group covers digital lobby directories signage and systems for a specific building or a whole complex. Communicate a simple, concise message while managing the systems with a simple-to-use graphical interface. Add custom wayfinding signage overview, notification, and a number of other features.

Office Greeting Signs

This Office layout is ideal for welcoming your visitors, letting them know their location, and going next.  The scrolling text ticker on the bottom of the page gives you space to leave a message, make an office announcement, or promote an upcoming event. They come in many shapes: Pedestal, Kiosk, Landscape, Monument, Portrait, Frame, Curve, Wall mounted, etc. Custom office digital directory signs like these will impress the visitors for sure!

Apartment Directory Signs

Architects, building owners, and property managers also love our lobby directories for use in apartment buildings. Updating tenant names when their leases turnover is easy when using the included software. No more maintenance requests or waiting on external vendors to update your apartment lobby signs. Just “edit and save,” and the task is finished.

Wayfinding Digital Lobby Signs

Wayfinding signs are ideal to use in the elevator and in the doorways. Point the visitors in the correct path with digital wayfinding signage.   A few rows combined with wide arrows and letters make it fast and simple to read, so all the guests will feel comfortable using it because they will not lose much time.

Waiting Room Digital Lobby Directory

Directory signs like this are the ideal options for waiting rooms in US medical clinic services or any other kind of medical establishment.  This custom digital directory signage provides important data overview, such as the room floor, number, location, initials or full name of the therapist, the specialties, etc. This directory signage is detailed, well-built, and readable: all characteristics that your digital directory sign would want.

Lobby Information Display

If you’d like to catch your visitors’ attention, keep them entertained, and show a friendly, modern workplace overview, this design is the best pick for your lobby Directory signage. There’s room on the left for a brief welcome screen, weather reports, and the client’s logo.

Efficiency And Reliability Signs

We have a group of professionals that have a lot of experience in digital directory systems and signs solutions. As a US real estate manager, you’ll be able to operate through the listings, signs, reports, pictures, and other media, even from your personal PC or mobile phone.

But don’t worry; Once the system is installed, it will be self-manageable. You can apply settings to the digital directory signs and schedule the time of powering on and off. Each time it switches on, the digital directory software will be loaded by default.

We’ve only listed a few of the essential features and benefits you’ll get if you choose our product! 

  • Updating the digital directory listings takes about 180 seconds. 
  • Monitor stats, climate conditions, media, photos, headlines, sports, etc. 
  • Data is available on events services, meetings, and conferences. 
  • There are no annual programs or repair estimate costs. 
  • We deliver wireless directory packs of 32, 43, 48, 55, and 65 inches.

Got Questions About Digital Lobby Signs? Reach Out!

We have been providing customers with customized lobby signage for decades. We understand the need to talk through your specific project and ensure you’re making the right selections that will satisfy all the key stakeholders. Give us a call today at 866-297-3877, or fill out this form. We welcome your questions, and can’t wait to provide you with a digital lobby sign to enhance your property and visitor experience.

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