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Digital Directory Express™ is a service for property owners who want to upgrade their lobby signs with an elegant, modern, and turn-key digital building directory solution at an affordable price.

Wayfinding signs are crucial products for nearly every type of commercial building type – from brand new business complexes and hotels to governmental workplaces, medical facilities, hospitals and other properties. Wayfinding and Directories enable guests to easily access information to find their way using the company building sign, whether they need to find an office, a retail location, points of interest and more.

Directories must be flexible, as their content will be ever-changing, which makes selecting the correct signs essential. AlivePulse™, Digital Diretory Express’s content management system, allows you to change content via the internet.

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No Frame - Portrait Directory
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Stainless Steel Frame Portrait Directory
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Blade™ Pedestal Directory

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Trusted industry leader

Trusted industry leader

Digital Directory Express is part of AlivePromo, Inc, a 20-year veteran of the digital signage industry. Working with us means both quality products sign and quality customer support. Learn More – GSA Library

Pro Grade 3 year warranty

Pro Grade 3 year warranty

Digital Directory Express pro grade systems utilize commercial grade components with 3 year manufacturer warranties. When comparing Digital Directory Express pro grade signs systems to other directory signs companies’ signs systems, commercial grade is a very critical consideration.

Cost-effective Turnkey solution

Cost-effective Turnkey solution

Not every digital directory has to be a complicated system designed from the ground up. Not anymore. Now, we have well thought out our wayfinding system packages to make them more economical and turnkey.

Plug and Play Interior Integration

Plug and Play Interior Integration

All of our Digital products are designed to be ready to deploy when they arrive to you. You can integrate your directory signs yourself. If you want to be completely hands off, then select the integration option and we’ll arrange for a tech to put it in place for you.

AliveCare™ Office Support

AliveCare™ Office Support

Because Digital Directory Express® is born from AlivePromo, Inc., you’ll get industry-leading customer support in USA. If you have a problem with your directory system, we will help diagnose the issue and help you resolve it…no matter how long ago you purchased the directory signs system (some additional costs may apply).

Our Turn-key Digital Building Directory System

Tired of signs with insert panels? Looking for new digital sign? Our modern wayfinding signs are a stylish addition to your property. Property owners enjoy the updated look, but also the flexibility and cost savings allowed by changing your display in a matter of minutes. We offer simple, plug-and-play building directory signs and solutions for any interior location, on any budget, starting under $1700 per product. You can select AliveKey™, a USB key method of changing the content. Or, you can opt for AlivePulse™, the web based content management method for digital directory signs. (Provided you can connect your directory signs to the internet.) Ready to see how we can modernize your property? Start by making your new directory now, and see how simple our signs really are!

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Digital Building Directories | FAQs

  • Why choose Digital Directory Express and why is it different with other products?

    Digital Directory Express cuts through the complexities of ordering digital file signs. Designed for customers that know what they want, Digital Directory Express is an efficient and affordable concept to help you get your lobby up to date quickly. Our experience will give you confidence in your decision to buy from Directory Express Signs. Digital Directory Express was born from AlivePromo, Inc., which has been pioneering and providing digital display signs insert concepts and signage for many famous establishments in the biggest cities since 2000. If you need something more sophisticated or custom signs beyond what is shown on this website, then you will want to visit AlivePromo,Inc. and connect to our team to talk about your USA based project or email us at [email protected]. Keep up-to-date with Alivepromo news

  • What if I am not quite sure what directory signs I want?

    Look through our products at the signage gallery. There are basically three directory sign types to choose from, each with their own interior sub variation; a sign without a fixture to simply hang on a wall, a digital sign with a surface mounted frame, and a pedestal style signs fixture. Once you have chosen a sign type, select your directory sign size and orientation based on the space where you plan to place your directory sign.

  • Non-interactive (contactless) or interactive digital solutions?

    A non-interactive directory (no touch or contactless) sign will be fine for most USA establishments with 50 or less tenants. Experience shows that touch is better than contactless for situations where there are many tenants. Thus search is required since not all the tenants can be listed on the screen signs. Good news is, we have both template directory signage styles available should you choose contactless design. One advantage of having interactive functionality, your guests can: pick a name to check for more information; add little post excerpts on your tenants; or, post photos with captions for individuals. Through it, people can get a little bit of background of those who they may be looking for before they continue.

  • Landscape or Portrait screen orientation?

    Directory Signs orientation (portrait or landscape) mostly depends upon what looks best for your application. We suggest a portrait signage system as they tend to look less like a TV screen. If you choose interactive template signs, then we strongly recommend portrait. Interactive templates require the touchable graphics to be no more than 48″ above the floor for ADA reasons.

  • How do I change my tenant listing?

    Three possible ways: If you choose AliveKey™ custom signs, you will use your desk computer free to access our content management file via the internet, and then publish to a thumb drive. You would then take the thumb drive to where the digital directory signs are located and plug the drive into the signs interior USB port on the frame or provided USB extension dongle. The changes happen automatically at that point. The second way is to provide an internet connection to the digital directory signs. You can then access AlivePulse™ (from a PC or mobile device with Internet access), and then publishing will sync directly to the sign automatically. The third way is to have us do all the changes. That is called AlivePulse Concierge™ signs. You still need an Internet connection to the digital directory in your office. You would send us an email with the change request and we take it from there.

  • How much power do I need for the system?

    Digital building directories signs will require normal 120 VAC power. For building directory signage, be sure your signage is not plugged into an outlet that is on a timed or switched circuit.


Jeff Heegard, St. Paul Minnesota Office Building

We are a small office and retail building located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Recently we remodeled our lobby and we struggled to find a cost effective solution that matched our new techie vibe. We were looking for a turn-key solution that was simple to manage and inexpensive to install. We bought ours from Digital Directory Express and it has added a great new look to our lobby and gives us an easy and quick way to direct patrons. Best of all, our tenants love it and it didn’t break the bank!

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