The Complete Guide to Changeable Tenant Directory Signs

Professional business centers need a clear, readable directory sign so that visitors and tenants know where to go. Visitors will look for your tenant directory sign first when they enter a building in the hopes of locating their destination promptly. And for tenants, directory signs act as a form of marketing, too.

Installing a tenant directory sign is a must, but not many building owners realize that they have choices when it comes to the style and functionality of their sign. Gone are the days of analog wall graphics that must be manually and continually changed by hand.

Consider this guide to changeable tenant directory signs for your commercial building:

What is a Changeable Tenant Directory Sign?

A changeable tenant directory sign is exactly what it sounds like—directional signs that provide tenant and building information. 

These signs are used for two main purposes: to inform visitors which tenants or merchants are at that location and to provide information about where building occupants are located. 

Changeable tenant directory signs can be used in conjunction with other physical signage, such as vinyl signs, a panel sign, window or wall graphics. Like stationary signs, they provide a necessary form of wayfinding, enabling your building guests access to vital consumer information so they can find where they need to go effortlessly. 

However, having changeable tenant-name signs makes marketing your tenants convenient, affordable, and more flexible.

How Do Changeable Tenant Directory Signs Work?

Changeable tenant directory signs are typically electronic signs that display messaging that can be changed at the administrator’s discretion. These signs stand up from the ground or be interior signs mounted to a wall in a building lobby. 

Some signs are interactive, meaning that visitors can use the sign as a touchscreen device. However, other signs only offer tenant information and directory information and are not interactive. 

An excellent digital directory package will include:

  • A player PC
  • Display
  • A fixture or mount
  • A content template will come pre-loaded based on the options you choose for your building’s needs

Changeable tenant signs are beneficial for many reasons. Most importantly, digital signs can change at any time either in real-time or whenever you need to modify it. Since they’re digital, they’re easily customizable with graphics, and they have preset templates to help you make decisions faster. 

Why Are Building Directory Signs Important?

Wayfinding signs are a crucial part of all commercial buildings. You may think you can forego a commercial building directory sign, but we highly recommend rethinking that. 

Digital tenant directory signs prevent frustration and save your visitors critical time. Without one, your visitors may never get to your business location—therefore, not having a sign actually turns away potential customers before they even had the chance to patronize tenants. 

For such a simple thing, a directory sign can save a lot of time, money, and can improve sales. 

Tenant Directory Signs Save Time

The biggest benefit of a digital tenant directory sign in a lobby is that it can save time for people unfamiliar with the building’s layout. 

Well-placed lobby directories can point visitors in the right direction and make it easier for them to navigate without asking for directions, providing a convenient and efficient way to attend appointments, classes, or meetings.

Changeable Tenant Directory Signs Provide Adaptable Marketing

Digital directory signs make it effortless to update office building tenant information during a change of location or tenant turnover

While you may use other marketing materials, like a door sign, a changeable tenant directory sign can also be adjusted for special events at a moment’s notice to direct guests to the right place. 

Offer A Positive Impression For Your Building

New guests have an immediate first impression of a building when they walk into the lobby, so you want a digital directory sign in place to make it look good! 

With your corporate branding front and center on a sharp directory sign, your visitor experience will be immediately enhanced. 

Directional signs look good on top of providing a lot of functionality. With a modern, sophisticated signage system and beautiful digital display, you will create a welcoming atmosphere in your building, improving both the visitor and tenant experience.

Different Types of Digital Directory Signs

Many don’t realize that digital changeable office signs come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few examples:

  • Standalone unit: A standalone unit will stand upright outside or in a lobby. It is stationary and can create a great atmosphere as visitors walk into your building.
  • Standalone unit on wheels: If you need your directory sign to move, add wheels! A standalone unit on wheels can be easy to move, which is especially helpful with larger directory signs. 
  • Inside and outside use: Changeable directional signs can be a great addition to an outside space, especially if there aren’t many or there are unclear building entrances. They can help you find parking in a thickly-constructed area as well as the safest route to approach campus or building entryways.
  • Touchscreen device on pedestal (mobile): The pedestal-style kiosk fixture puts all that extra space to good use and can be in any area in a building.
  • Wall-mounted: To minimize the amount of space the directory sign takes up, choose a wall-mounted directory sign.
  • Portrait vs. landscape: Choose the orientation of your digital signage with portrait and landscape settings; landscape is a common option for wall-mounted directories.
  • Frame vs. no frame: You can change up the appearance of the directory sign by having a larger, aluminum frame, or keeping it sleek with a no-frame look.
  • With physical material: The Blade Pedestal Directory comes with a digital interface with interactive and non-interactive options, with slots for physical material down below.
  • Interactive vs. Non-interactive: A non-interactive (no touch) directory is best for most smaller buildings, while an interactive sign is perfect for a building with 100 or more tenants

Changeable Tenant Directory Signs Built to Your Specifications

Directory signage is becoming an increasingly important part of commercial buildings. In addition to any exterior signs and office signs you have, be sure to add a digital directory in your office building. These corporate signs will help guide your visitors and keep your tenants happy.

Digital Directory Express™ knows that having well-designed directory signs in your building is crucial to providing your customers with the correct information. We can design highly effective, elegant digital signs that make updating your lobby sign exciting instead of a chore.

You can get started building custom signage here or you can contact us for personalized help. 


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