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Looking to Buy the Best Interactive Touch Screen Directory?

Considering a touch screen directory vs. a static directory? Touchscreen directories are the way to go in today’s ever-changing and technological environment. An electronic touch screen display is capable of displaying a large number of data in minimal space, while a static digital building directory needs a much bigger area. These directories are modern, have a better design, and these are just a couple of the reasons to choose a touch screen directory for your lobby. Here are some additional advantages, below. 

What are the Advantages of Using Touch Screen Directories in Your Property?

Touch screen directories have many features and benefits in addition to having a beautiful aesthetic design and amazing touch screen display.

  • They have an interactive (self-service) touch screen, which allows the guests to find their path without having to ask for building employees to help them. 
  • People will be delighted because they are effortless to use which reduces frustration. 
  • Most of the touch screen directories can also print the map or send it to a device (tablet, mobile phone, or laptop).
  • If you have a static list in your building, people won’t be able to filter the names, departments, positions, and similar. With a touch screen directory, this becomes a piece of cake.
  • Interactive and engaging touch screen directory placements add a modern look and feel to any building lobby.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is almost effortless.

Which Touch Screen Technology Should I Choose for My Building?

Technology evolves each year, offering different, and often improved products. This goes for all tech in the world, and we at have observed these trends for years. Touch screen technology also evolves amazingly fast, improving the experience, speed, and design you can offer building visitors over time. The most popular types are listed below, along with their characteristics:

Infrared Touch

  • Entry-level solutions
  • The tech involves an embedded overlay of infrared beams all around the screen
  • When you interact with your finger, the device will recognize it as a touchpoint
  • Simple, cheap, and established technology
  • It’s not precise, and the bezel of the screen might be too big

Capacitive Touch

  • Smartphones and tablets are using this technology
  • Works with the screen using the electricity of a human body to recognize interactions
  • Sleek design, offering the best touch experience, and it’s bezel-free
  • Higher priced technology

InGlass Touch

  • The most recent technology. (Many new screens are using it)
  • There are transmitters within the glass that locate the area where the object disrupts the screen
  • It works in a similar manner to infrared technology; however, it enables a much more intuitive interactive experience
  • Excellent image quality and touch screen experience; It’s almost good as capacitive touch
  • Price is slightly lower than capacitive touch devices

Touch Projector

  • Interaction by tracking movements on the projected surface, either by infrared or DLP technology
  • Lower initial cost, sometimes larger projection area, and sometimes portable
  • They have less brightness compared to the displays, and produce some noise due to the fans

Usage of a Touch Screen Directory in Different Settings

There are many applications where a touch screen directory is used today. You can often find this building directory signage in the healthcare industry and healthcare companies, commercial buildings and offices, educational buildings, and campuses such as schools and colleges. They are also popular in museums.

Touch Screen Directory

How to Pick the Best Interactive Touch Screen Directory?

Picking the best interactive touch screen directory can raise some initial questions if this is your first time, and we are here to help. When trying to determine the best solution for your facility or building, keep the following things in mind:

  • Be aware of building capacity (current and potential expansion) for size selection.
  • Consider the average visitor, their age, and use preferences. 
  • Which inputs of data will you wish to share, and how often will these be updated?

These are just a few tips to help you start thinking about which type of touchscreen digital displays are best for your facility. Want to talk, or ask a question? You can always get in touch here. Curious about features and pricing? You can also begin building touch screen directories using our simple website tool, found here

We have serviced building owners, leasing agents, architects, and project managers all across the USA. If you have a question or need some one-on-one help, we are here to make your decision a successful one. Reach out today: 866-297-3877

Special Covid-19 Considerations: This goes without saying, but most customers are advised to keep a hand sanitizer station nearby during these times. In addition, local health authorities often recommend regular “wipedowns” and cleaning intervals, so check with local recommendations and policies. 

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